A priceless partnership


Aluminium Sashes are a newly registered Schueco Partner (although we have undertaken work previously on an ad hoc basis). Schueco UK Limited is the wholly owned British subsidiary of Schueco International, for over 60 years the world leader in the supply and design of sustainable solutions in aluminium, steel and uPVC for the whole building envelope.

The breadth and quality of Schueco's portfolio of window, door and façade systems is unequalled. Its comprehensive nature means that whatever the problem, Schueco will have the system to provide the complete answer.

As a partner of Schueco we are supported by a level of service that is equally unrivalled. Whether it’s assistance on site, technical back-up, logistical requirements or simply informed advice, Schueco has the trained personnel with the ability to deliver.

Schueco have the following accreditations:

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